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She’s Imperative

We go through what we go through to help others get through what we’ve been through.

The Crone

The maiden, the goddess and the crone

All women

Women supporting women no matter what


Walking my way

She's Imperative even though

She hasn't known it for an entire lifetime.

She's Imperative with her perfect imperfections

and authentic ways her powerful voice along

with her amazing heart her strong

will in doing what's right for her

her painful past in need of healing

her ability to love even the most unloveable

her ability to remain strong when others would break.

She's Imperative in healing

the rifts in love, family, society and relationships

in setting the tone for what

She wants needs and desires

and making dreams, wishes and hopes comes true

in changing the way the world

does business family, education, charity and relates to money as power.

She's Imperative

What the World needs now is She

She is each and every You.

Can you hear her?

Will you answer her call?

Amanda & Juli : Goddesses of the Imperative

Loving a Narcissist

Do you need to heal from a narcissistic relationship that robbed you of YOU, or are you in a narcissistic relationship right now and you want the tools and ability to love your Narcissist while loving yourself at the same time? Click the squiggly arrow.


Dynamic Duo Coaching

Amanda and Juli really are the dynamic duo. You will have your mind blown at the solution driven way these women work with your issues using their training as well as their gifts to ensure you have outcomes.


Emotional Strength Training

Amanda is the Emotional Strength Trainer - helping you get emotionally fit when life tests your limits.


Three Month Readings

Juli DuBois is by far the most accurate translator you will find. Her specialty is in providing readings for her clients about what is coming in the next three months. A great heads up for anyone.

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